NMRA Login Trouble...

Well, here we are, trying to fix your problem with logging into the NMRA Members only website. Since you skipped the FAQ on the site, I will try to help you here!

The short version:

1. Did you read the FAQ? No, that is why you are here!

2. Did you try using an email and password from another NMRA website (store, library, etc) - Yes, then please create a new account first

3. Did you provide an email address that is different from the one on file at NMRA head quarters? - Yes or don't know, please update your email address or verify it with head quarters.

4. I created the account with a username and it accepted my email address, but no email in more than 30 minutes? - Yes, please check your SPAM folder or auto-delete SPAM settings and try again.

5. The email showed up, but the link does not work! Have you tried to copy and paste the link into your browser?

6. If nothing else works, contact the web team, fill in the bottom of this page!

The longer story:

First things first, the NMRA launched its new website (July, 2014) using a CMS, Content Management System that is. Why, because now more volunteers can get involved in each of the departments to maintain the site's content. We don't need just one web guy that gets behind on the workload and nothing happens when he goes on vacation. Each department can update there own stuff now.

Why is this important to you, well, you might have registered and created usernames in the past on the other NMRA websites, like the NMRA store, but since this is a new site and has nothing really to do with the other sites, plus the members only parts needs to make sure you are a member, you will HAVE to create a NEW account if this is you first time trying to log into it. It does not have access to the store and library systems and it runs on its own. A future project might combine these, so are you willing to help?

Anyway, when you create a new account, you need to provide the email that is on file at headquarters so that we can check that you are still a valid member. This information gets transferred to the CMS every 3rd day or so, so if you do update your email address at HQ, you might have to wait a few days, before you can register.

When you register you will need to pick a unique username and provide the email address on file. In the future, you can login in with either the username or with your email address.

Within minutes of picking a username and providing your email address, you will get an email in you email box guiding you to create a real password by using a temporary one. Do this right away, before anything expires. And this is where 99% of all the trouble is, your mail filter, or SPAM blocker, or ISP prevented this email from showing up where you can easily see it. And unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it! It is between you and your SPAM settings and/or ISP to resolve this. Most people just go to the SPAM folder and there it is. But, since you might get future NMRA emails too, it would most likely be going to the same folder, so you might want to update your SPAM settings, by either clicking "this is not SPAM" or allow emails from "nmra.org" or something more advanced.

Some email programs break the link as it is displayed, so you might have to copy the link into your browser.

After getting the password set, you would now be able to log in and enjoy the members only areas!

If you ever forget you email address, click here, and follow the steps in the email sent to you.

And that is it, not that hard, but you got frustrated and decided it is not working or not worth it, but thinking back about it, you would have built it the same way and would have had to tell people to check their SPAM folders 99% of the time too. But, if you do have a better, easier, less work for us and you method, please let us know, we want you on board immediately!

Step by step how to reset a forgotten password: