NMRA Digital Magazine Trouble...

Well, here we are, trying to fix your problem with reading the NMRA Digital Magazine. Since you skipped the online FAQ on the members only part of the NMRA.org website, I will try to help you here!

The short version:

1. In order to read the NMRA Magazine in its Digital format, you need to use an online App, you read that right, you need to have internet access. Either through the Zinio Web App, or the Google Playstore App on Android devices, or through the App Store if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod.

2. You will need to register an account with Zinio first, and that will require you to make sure the NMRA membership system (not the NMRA website) contains your email address.

3. If you need to add or update your email address to the NMRA membership system, then please fill this form in and give them a day or two to add or update it.

4. So, if you know what your email address is, and it is matching what the NMRA sends to Zinio every morning, then the easiest thing in either the Web App or phone app is to find the My Library icon in the top or bottom row and click on it. It will bring you to a page with ALL your magazines IF YOU ARE logged in.

5. And if not, it will show "Sign In", so do so...

6. And if you have never signed in, use the link below all that asking "Register here". Now provide your email address (as the NMRA knows it) as well as a password (not needing to match any other password anywhere else, I'll say again, no need to use your NMRA.org login password). Now click the blue Register botton.

Offline reading?

Yes, on the handheld apps you can download to read when not on the internet. On a computer or laptop you can use a Chrome plug-in to download and read offline, but NO, NO and NO, you will not get a pdf file that you can print or share with someone else! Neither can you download an operating session on someone's railroad, you have to participate to experience it.


Yes, you can print two pages at a time to get an article in a 3 ring binder. Just view the first page to print and use the print button in the margin. It will by default suggest to print 2 pages (or when it shows 3 pages the last will be blank). So change that to 1 if you only need the first page.

Store / Shop?

The App Stores are forcing us to put prices on all items, so if you are not logged in, it might look expensive. The price is as high as we can set it, so you won't buy it!

Appendix A. If nothing else works, contact the web team, fill in the bottom of this page!