Outjo (7)

The order of the towns listed on this site has all to do with the chronological order they were constructed on the layout. Since Outjo is in the hallway as you enter the layout, it was built first to complete a Masters degree thesis in software engineering at one of the ivy league schools...no bragging, but it is kind of cool having a degree in model railroading!!!

Rail service to Outjo on the prototype has apparently been discontinued, so even though we are modelling a post 2010 era, we have to pull an "artistic freedom" to make this one work. Outjo is a small town north west of Otjiwarongo and on the route to the big game reserve (or better known as a state park to locals) Etosha National Park spanning 22,270 square km (just shy of the size of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (one of the 50 states in the USA) at 27,336 square km). Ever wonder how less than 200 people fit in the same area as 6 1/2 million in another?

Anyway, here is the map...

Backdrop in a weekend?

The paint fairy in action

Can you believe this after only a few hours?

Etosha National Park:

2012 (The animals came from the Ark!)

Oops, predators too!

[NMRA Electrical AP, C.1] Electrical turnout position indication on a control panel or at trackside for a minimum of four turnouts.

Progress (2018.11.08), ready to operate!

Below the scenes