Want to move all the cars in a Kernel? Make sure the 'lead' car is at a valid Location and then use this GUI in a Jython script, JKernelMover to select the Kernel and wanted destination.

Want to move all the cars of a certain car type? JCarTypeMover will do just that!

What if you'd like to get all the trains in a CSV file? is for you!

Use in the JMRI/jython folder (at least in 2.11.3) to Load and Save your turnout states. When loaded, the turnout status will be read from a .csv file (filename specified in the .py source) and when JMRI exit, the state of the turnouts will automatically save to the file.

CAN bus Local Control locking and unlocking...

Showing occupied and unoccupied turnouts on the (regular) Panel? How 'bout using 4 internal sensors on top of each other, where the inactive icon is invisible, and the active icon is one of the four states of the turnout (closed and empty or occupied, thrown and empty or occupied), and then some logix to decide which sensor to activate?

(click to see animation)

Now you can either have another lever on the Panel as the turnout control, or figure out which sensor icon is at the top and use that to toggle the state of the turnout?

(right click and save the images to a folder that JMRI can access, might need to restart JMRI to be able to use the icons.)

The last one is invisible: