email 03


Thank you for the patience and hanging in there!

For those who have not installed the device driver yet, here is the link again with the download and some instructions:

The Nano needs to be plugged in so you can see the device under Other Devices in Device Manager.

If there is nothing yellow (ignore the Tunneling Adapter under Networking), then you should have a device under Ports (COM & LPT)

--- USB-SERIAL CH340 (COMx).

And you need to make a note of that x after the COM, since that is the port you need to select in the Arduino Software under Tools->Ports.

Attached is an update to the Clinic slides in pdf, (save it in the same folder on your Desktop) with a few more words, so you can continue with the Blink, lightRead and Welder software uploads to your Nano, yes, the second will write over the first and the third will write over the second. So at the end you will just have the pin 13 welding. (Jeff P., this would be a better candidate to post online)

If you have trouble with ANY of this, please send me an email, so I can help you get up to speed before the next meeting. If you have it welding, please send me an email too, so I know that someone had success!

If you copied the code from the slides for the welder, the line that starts with "milliseconds between -1 and 100", needs to get two slashes in front of it, like "// milliseconds between -1 and 100", since that is a comment from the previous line. But, the code is already on your desktop in that folder, search for the welder.ino in the Clinic/code/welder folder. Thank you Wayne for finding this bug!

Also, ideas on how to do this better and how to make it more fun, are always welcome.

Someone also suggested that we start an Rrr-duino group meeting somewhere else two weeks after every Div 3 meeting, let me know if you are interested? I am willing to show up!

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