Windhoek (1)

Windhoek, the Namibian capital, will not be built on the TxNamib until almost the very end, but, with some of the buildings being practiced on with an Epilog Mini Laser machine!

And now for a preview of the Hump Yard we are planning in the model:

On this page we show a trip from the Helix in Windhoek to the Namib right after the benchwork was built.

Hump Yard coming along in Code 55 with ballasting a very tedious little job:

So, instead of building Windhoek last, we decided to get the Hump Yard up and running (or is that down and running?) so that visitors has at least one thing "not very often seen" to remember (Thank you Chip)! So the yard, as shown above was installed, now getting all the turnouts powered and eventually the camera to the computer in the tower at the top of the hump to through the switches automatically.

Since we also need to get trained on scenery a bit, we decided to put some hills (or mountains to Namibians) behind the Intermodal Container yard on the back side, facing Walvisbaai. The road, which we are planning to put automated cars on like MiWuLa in Hamburg, but in N Scale here, will cover up (hide) the tracks going to staging and the hump yard lead.

History from here on:

Any big city needs a church, and what better building to start with than the most famous building in Windhoek, and for that matter Namibia! The Christ Church (proudly in front of the Tintenpalast today) was completed in 1910:

Someone broke the windows out?

Amazing how it cuts the Birch plywood like butter...

The scale is not 1:160 yet, we need to get the height of the real church first!

Here are some links and pictures of the Lutheran Christuskirche:

SketchUp to CorelDRAW notes:

    • SketchUp: Select face, SVG -> Annotation Height=1, Measurements: Inches, Border(in): 0.001, Line Width 0.001, Filename x.svg -> OK

    • CorelDRAW -> File->Import->Files of Type: SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics, Select File -> Import

<Enter> to place full size

Ctrl-U to UnGroup

Alt+F9 (Transformtation->Scale) H and V: 0.37% -> Apply