TxCAN Signals

TxCANSignal Boards:

The TxCANSignal boards will drive 64 LEDs with a predetermined current, so only use single LEDs and do not use a resistor anywhere. Each LED is switched in turn on both sides (cathode and anode), so do not connect them to any GROUND points, if the common wire is soldered to the signal mast, please ensure that the signal mast is electrically floating on you your layout. There are for columns on the board and each column is turned on for a specific time, so it is easy to give some columns more time during a full cycle, which helps if you only use Common Cathode LEDs and all your Red LEDs are in column 2 and 4 and you need to give them a little more time to make the Yellow signals more Redish...or more Greenish...

Setup button, hit once for reset and keep in for requesting a new address:

12V power input and polarity:

5V power input and jumper on older implementations:

All 64 LED board:

16 CA and 16 CC screw terminals installed:

Common Cathode LEDs are plugged into the board using the same row. There are 4 LED slots per row, so two Green and Red Common Anode LEDs fits nice into each row. Command Anode LEDs are plugged into the board in the same column. Each block has 8 positions (even though you'd count 16 positions in a column, it is divided into two blocks for ease of the JMRI script, so you need to keep a signal head inside one of the 8 blocks (again, 2 blocks per column)). The address of the Green LED (which is always plugged into the lower row or lower numbered column) is used in JMRI to address the signal head. CC212340105 (easier read as CC2.1234.01.05) is the 2 LED, Common Cathode Signal on CAN bus board 1234 with the Green LED plugged into block 01 (still in column 0, but upper half) and in row 05 of that block.

The diagram below also shows another Common Cathode Signal head plugged into Block 04 (lower half of 3rd column) and Row 00, so CC212340400.

A 3 LED Common Anode Signal is shown plugged in a little higher up in row 04, so block 02, row 04 will make CA3.1234.0204 or the JMRI system name CA312340204.

(Notice that the Green,Red,Yellow LED wires are swapped with the COMMON wire when using CC versus CA!)

For turning an LED on as a bathroom light in a house, or a streetlamp, you simply specify the location of the LED as if it is the green LED and then only make the signal Green when turning the light on and Dark when turning it off. CA1(NNNN)(BL)(RW) will work the same as CC1(NNNN)(BL)(RW)!

Signals in JMRI:

Signals Heads in JMRI are created as "Virtual" with any unique System Name, like LH27, LH44, LH88 and the User Name specified as shown above. The Comment can be added/changed after adding the signal head, to anything you like! See below:

Common Anode vs Common Cathode in building your search lights or signal towers:

please click on the image to enlarge!

Common Anode (left) preferred, when using Common Cathode (right) please install a separate GND wire (B) not grounded to the frame or wire A for each signal head on the mast.