Cattle Sound in Cars

Would you like to have sound in your train cars even when it is N-scale? How 'bout every car has a different sound too? Now I can make (several) mean 'moo' sounds myself, so with the help of a little Electret microphone, the ISD1620BSY will store your own custom moo, or chicken, or port, or 'all aboard' for up to 20 seconds in any car you like. All you need is some form of power (DCC, AC or DC, just >6V) to the board in the car and the whole layout turns alive.

A tiny PIC12F509 will decide when to make the 'moo', we are not done with that part yet, maybe a light sensor, a magnet, a movement sense, or just some random time between 1 and 5 minutes? Well still working on it!

But until then, you can use some tweezers to short the "RECORD" jumper, MOO into the microphone and remove the tweezers when you are done. Every time the "PLAY" jumper gets shorted briefly, your whole recoding will play back. Now it is not 10's of decibels, but everyone eventually admits that it gets a little crowded when ALL the locomotives have their sound on, so a little bit of sound here and there, should do the thing!

Important parts:


Electret Microphone <- put a connector on the end of the cable, you only need one for all your cars.