email 04

Attached is the pdf file with the slides for tomorrow.

We will spread them with USB drives again, but if you can copy them from here to your Desktop's "A_Rrrduino_Clinic" folder, you'll be one step ahead!

We only have a short time tomorrow, so if your computer is still not acting along the way it should to successfully program Blink to your Nano, please let us finish the clinic first and then we can make a plan to help you. I have a soccer team to coach at 11:45, so can't stay longer than 11:15. But, don't worry, we are planning to create another event to meet and discuss electronics and Rrrduinos.

Again, the pdf goes to your Desktop folder and the three .ino code files here could go there too, but if you want to see them listed under File->Sketchbook in the software, you should copy them to the Sketchbook location shown in File->Preferences.

Mine is at C:\Users\Speed\Documents\Arduino (on a Windows 8 computer).

See you in the morning,


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