NMRAx Clinic links, 2020, 2021

2020.04.24 (24 hours)
    Ralph Renzetti: From Workbench to Mainline
    Kaylee Zhang: Using Cellular Speakers for DCC Sound
    Clark Kooning, MMR®: Model Railroading 101
    Joey Guinto: Weathering for Beginners
    Ron Marsh: My Home layout. A virtual layout tour
    Kevin Marks: Track building tips with Fast Tracks Tools
    Neil Erickson: Oahu Railway Wahiawa Branch & Dead Rail
    Duncan Cabassi: UPBNSF Sub Downunder N Scale
    Gerry Hopkins, MMR®: Selection of Australian Layouts
    Craig Mackie: "Cassino" HO Scale
    Martyn Jenkins: Raspberry Pi and Engine Driver
    Mike DeSensi: Ohio Valley Lines MR Club, T-Trak Subdivision
    Randy Hammil: New Britain Station
    Rob Clark: Is Model Railroading Art?
    Peter Bowen: Weathering Locos and Cars in 5 minutes
    Perry Lamb: Utah, Colorado & Western Developing a History
    Thomas Gasior, MMR®: Split Rock Mining Company, HO Layout
    Chris Adams: Modeling the Valley Local
    Michelle Kempema: Colorado Model Railroad Museum
    Tony Cook: Prototype to Model SD50/SD60's
    Seth Gardner: NYC Piney Fork Branch
    Mike Mackey, MMR®: Details make the Difference
    Walker Embry: Big Turn & Southern Railroad
    AML: AML Live Podcast, The Digital World!!!

2020.05.09 Ask the MMR

    John Gaydon: NSW Automated Signalling
    Gerry Hopkins
, MMR®: Virtual Layout Tour - Australian Narrow Gauge
    Mike Mackey
, MMR®: 3D Printing & Model Railroading
    Joey Guinto: Creating Simple Rust for Beginners
    Perry Lamb: Detailing Diesel Locomotives
    Dave Burman: Against the Grain - Modeling Prototype Agriculture, part 1
    Kevin Marks: Track Building with Fast Tracks
    Clark Kooning
, MMR®: How to build a plastic structure kit
    Andrew Porter: Virtual Layout Tour - Elk Creek Logging Company
    Tony Cook
: An overview of Revell HO
    Ralph Renzetti: Weathering Wall Signs
    Eduardo Becherell: Landscaping 101

    Mike Mackey, MMR®: Scenery with Florist Foam
    Gerry Hopkins, MMR®: More Layouts from Down Under
    Lloyd Henchey: Layout Tour, MHO Junction
    Jerry Britton: Moving the Presidents by Rail
    Dwight Sturtevant: Layout Tour, New Middletown and Stonypoint RR
    Duane Richardson, MMR®: If it ain't dirty it ain't done!
    Scott Perry: Scratch building Structures
    Randy Hammill: New Haven Steam, A Detail Study for Modelers
    Pete Steinmetz: Simple, Effective Weathering Techniques
    John Bate: A Gentle Introduction to Arduino Programming
    Jim Sacco: Easy City Streets Using Sintra (and Tips on Modeling Streets)
    Bruce Petrarca, MMR®: The ABC's of DCC

    Arthur Hayes, MMR®: Building an 8-wheel wagon (Freight Car)
    Gerry Hopkins, MMR®: Something from Down Under!
    David McLaughlin: Scratchbuilding Western Maryland Railway Structures
    Michael Groves: Lighting your layout without Wiring
    Dave Abeles: Onondaga Cutoff, Remote Operating Sessions
    Randy Hammill: New Britain Station, Designing Operations
    Mike Deverell: Drawing for Lasercutting 101
    Jim Gore, MMR®: Building Grandpa's Service Station
    Frank Markovich, MMR®: Detailing wood for structures and rolling stock
    John Bate: Creating Your Own 3D Designs with SketchUp
    Mike Mackey, MMR®: 3D Printing & Model Railroading
    Neil Erickson: Exploring Dead Rail, Battery Powered Trains

2020.06.20 Ask the MMR


2020.07.12 GatewayX
    Day 1, Sunday
        Michael Hill: The very first introduction to Arduino
        Don Fowler: Woodland Scenics Realistic Water
        Jonathan Small: N-scale Trees: Modeling Trees from Astilbe Flowers
        Edward Koehler: That town at the end of the line - Coal Patch Communities
        Eduardo Becherell: Ballasting 101
        Carl Blum: PVC Terminal Strips for Model Railroads
        Dan Munson: Model railroad photography
        Lloyd Henchey, Perry Lamb, Neil Erickson, Mike Mackey MMR®: Panel Discussion: Building Your First Model Railroad
        Ralph Renzetti: Weathering, we don't know what yet. It is a surprise
        Perry Lamb: Realistic base level scenery for your model railroad
        John Lowranch, MMR®: San Antonio and Northern Railroad
        Greg McComas: Touring the Michigan Interstate St. Clair Subdivision
        Ed McNamara: Portland and Western, Free-Mo-N

    Day 2, Monday 7.13
        Kevin Marks: Track building with Fast Tracks
        Peter Bowen: Scratch Building in Wood
        David Hager: Drawing-3D in SketchUp
        Bob Feuerstein: Getting a Pro Look with a Simple Camera
        Jim Sacco: Modernization of Main St. and How It Affects Our Modeling
        Mike Corley: Building Rooftop details
        Bob Feuerstein: Photo Editing Programs and Efficient Workflow
        Mike Ross: Tree building for Model Railroads
        Mike Walter: Resistance Soldering
        Joey Guinto, Andrew Porter, Clark Kooning MMR®    Panel Discussion: Skills and Techniques for Kit Building
        Lloyd Henchey: Building Interiors
        Jack Ellis: Bar Mills Model Works: The Last Two Inches of The Layout
        Barry Silverthorn: Roomettes
        Jeff Palmer, MMR®: Roads
        Duane Richardson, MMR®: What it takes to make a model great

    Day 3, Tuesday 7.14
        Tim O.: Lake Michigan Carferry Operations at Kewaunee, WI
        Randy Hammil, Andrew Porter, Mike Mackey MMR®: Panel Discussion - Modelling Freight Cars & Locomotives
        Arthur Hayes, MMR®: Conveying goods & freight on your layout
        Dave Burman: Covered hoppers, Against the Grain
        Tony Cook: Greenville, Pullman-Standard, and Thrall 86-foot High-Cube Boxcars
        Matt Lentz: Rebuild Athearn Blue Box Locomotives
        Paul Hobbs: Streamlined Passenger Trains serving St. Louis

    Day 4, Wednesday 7.15
        Dave Burman: Against the grain, part 3. Storing, Distilling and Shipping to the Consumer
        Jerry Hoverson, MMR®: Planning your Layout (before you install benchwork)
        Andy Ambroze: From 12x20 to 20x16x3!
        Gordy Robinson: Layout Design from track charts and maps
        Randy Hammill, Dave Burman, Dan Munson, Ed Smith: Panel Discussion – Layout Design
        John Feraca, MMR®: Building the Beaver Creek Branchline
        Bruce Wilson: Culm Valley Light Railway
        Edward Koehler: Introduction to modelling firefighting
        Dave Burman: Designing from the Prototype - Making it Real
        Joe Fugate: TOMA, The "One module approach"

    Day 5, Thursday 7.16
        Dan Spalding: Painting & Weathering
        Otto Vondrak: History of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine
        Drake Hokanson: "That looks right"; How better scenery graphics and improved railroad graphics can enhance realism in your model railroad.
        Ralph Renzetti & Dan Spalding: Panel discusion, Painting & Weathering
        Art Fahie: Bar Mills Model Works
        Matt Lentz: Contrast Paint vs. Brass Locomotive
        Bernard Hellen: How to paint 3D resin prints. Make your layout come alive!
        Jeff Kuebler: Track Weathering - 1,2,3

    Day 6, Friday 7.17
        Jim Kline: Preparing to Program an Arduino
        Jim Lewis: Super Simple Lighting:  LED and Fiber Optics Animation without soldering
        Tim O.: Scratch building a RR Car, Cricut Cutting Styrene
        Tim O.: Scratch building a RR Car, Simple 3d Printed Parts
        Bill Sartore: Microlumina: Lighting kits
        Dave Ackmann: Amazing Arduino Animations for Beginners
        Gordy, Brad and Speed: Helices
        Dave Ackmann: Building Billboards for the Baden, Vogt & DeSmet
        Speed, Michael P., Bruce P., Nathan H.: Panel Discussion – Technology & Electronics
        Pat McCarthy: Lights and interiors
        Michael Groves: Designing Prototypical Lighting for Realism
        Jim Kline: Introduction to NeoPixels
        Bruce Petrarca: DCC Consisting
        Pete Steinmetz: Battery Power Remote Control - Dead Rail. An Overview of Various Systems and Options

    Day 7, Saturday 7.18
        Carlton Brown: RFID/NFC and JMRI
        Kevin Marks: Magic with rail
        Ron Poidomani: Introduction to Building Craftsman Kits
        Tony Cook: Ski Train
        Chris Adams: Operating the Valley Local
        Greg McComas: OPs on the Michigan Interstate St. Clair Subdivision
        Richard Sieben: Operations by Spreadsheet
        Joe Fugate: Runs like a dream
        Dan Munson: Yardmaster 101
        Dave Burman: A river runs through it - barge operations and your railroad
        Tony Cook & Craig Ross: Virtual Banquet – "The Business of N Scale with Craig Ross of Bluford Shops"
        Eric Smith: Getting Started with Operations, for the novice   
        Arthur Hayes, MMR®: Prototype Ops on a Small Layout

2020.07.25 SERx
    Room 1
        David McLaughlin: Scratchbuilding Western Maryland Railway structures and more
        Jonathan Small: Trees for your Layout
        Randy Hammil: Operations Jobs performed by the Railroad
        James Knabb: The Next Generation Model Railroaders
        Michael Hill: How to build an Ardunio based control panel.
        Gordy Robinson: From Track Charts to Track Pla

    Room 2
        Steve Todd: JMRI Operations with no paper
        Stephen Sprinkle: Quick assembly of an HO scale layout designed for operations
        Perry Lamb: Military flat car loads
        Carl Blum: PVC terminal strips for insulation displacment screws
        Tom Gordon: Arduinos & Raspberry Pi's - Oh my!
        Chuck Jenkins: Trees as supporting actors
        Walt Liles: Modeling a Walthers structure to look real
        Craig Laing: Prince, WV: Modeling a real place using an N scale T-TRAK module

    Room 3
        Peter Bowen: Scratch Building in Wood
        Nick Santo: Basic DCC Decoder Installation Thoughts
        Mike Mackey, MMR®: Foam Scenery
        Scott Griggs: The end of the line - Selling your trains
        David Popp: Overview of the Canadian Canyons N Scale Layout
        George Bogatuik: Overview of Tsunami steam decoders - Soundtrax
        Jon Tamkin: Mission model paints
        Pete Steinmetz: Weathering with AK Pencils
        George Bogatuik: Overview of Tsunami diesel decoders - Soundtrax

2020.09.12 Ask the MMR

2020.09.26 Part i, Part ii

    Chuck Lind, MMR®: Crowell Long Leaf Lumber Company, Inc.
    Dave Ackmann: I Just Bought a 3D Printer – Now What Can I Do With It?
    Eduardo Becherell: Water & Lakes
    Bernhard Beck and Dave Falkenburg: Silicon Valley Lines Model Railroad Club
    Richard Sieben: Car floats on Chicago River
    David McMorran: MQTT in the model train world (mqTrains.com)
    Joey Guinto: Carving Rocks from Foam Part 2: Adding Color and Foliage
    Gerry Hopkins, MMR®: Scenery Clinic for Beginners

2020.10.23 NMRA BR

2020.10.24 NMRA BR

2020.11.21 Part i, Part ii
    David Ramos: DCC++
    Andy Crawford: Sage Brush Trees
    John Doehring: Confessions of a (Reforming) Armchair Railroader (Seven Secrets to Getting Started, getting Going, and Enjoying Model Railroading More)
    Ron Poidomani: Modeling The Manufactures Railroad New Haven CT 1948

    Lloyd Henchy: 3 scratch build buildings on the MHO Junction
    David Hager: Port Railroads: Galveston Island
    Tim O.: Using JMRI for Auto Train Running and Dispatching
    Jeff Rykiel: Lumberjack: the old, the new and the ugly?
    Michael Barrett: Arduino Uncoupling
    Craig Mackie: Making Pallets
    Pete Steinmetz: Dead Rail
    Laurie McLean: Animation


2020.12.01, Day 1

Clinic 1 Jeff Gerow - Foreground Trees with Leaves - HERE

Clinic 2 Dave MacPherson - Clinch Mountain Railroad - HERE

Clinic 3 Lou McIntyre - Bringing the Railroad to Life Using Layers - HERE

Clinic 4 Kaylee Zheng - Achievement Program and Contests - HERE

Clinic 5 Andy Reynolds - Building Bar Mills Magee's Tire Repair Shop - HERE

Clinic 6 Ned Spiller - Danby Ludlow & Springfield RR - HERE

Clinic 7 Steve Perry - Modeling An Operating Pre- W.W.II R.R. Grade Crossing Signal - HERE

Clinic 8 Ed Olszewski - Western Adirondack Model Railroaders - HERE

2020.12.02, Day 2

Clinic 1 Doug Dederick - Basic Scenery Tips - HERE

Clinic 2 Herm Botzow - Buckeye RR - HERE

Clinic 3 Steve Erickson - Coal Cod & Cash - HERE

Clinic 4 Kaylee Zheng - Achievement Program and Contests - HERE

Clinic 5 Jim Fairbanks - Using Paper to Build that Model for your Railroad - HERE

Clinic 6 Gordon Spalty - Maine and Western Railroad - HERE

Clinic 7 Bruce Robinson - Let’s learn to operate local train POFR for the beginner –(Part 1) HERE (Part 2) HERE

Clinic 8 Mike Dolan - South Shore Model Railway Club - HERE

2020.12.03, Day 3

Clinic 1 Chuck Diljak - My Big Fat Clinic. Or, How to Weigh Cars Like the Prototype - HERE

Clinic 2 Mike Tylick - Rails Across Marshfield - HERE

Clinic 3 Edward Koehler - The Welsh Highland Railway - HERE

Clinic 4 Kaylee Zheng - Achievement Program and Contests - HERE

Clinic 5 John Doehring - Take Two! Module Building Lessons Learned - and Some New Ideas for the Second Time Around - HERE

Clinic 6 Victor Hand - New York Central - Harmon to Cold Spring - HERE

Clinic 7 Jeff Faust - Just Build an Inglenook - HERE

Clinic 8 Doug Dederick - Great Northern Railway, Kalispell Div. - HERE

2020.12.04, Day 4

Clinic 1 John Feraca, MMR® - Building Stone City Heights - HERE

Clinic 2 Bob Peterson - Binghamton Society of Model Engineers - HERE

Clinic 3 James Kline - Introduction to NeoPixels - HERE

Clinic 4 Kaylee Zheng - Achievement Program and Contests - HERE

Clinic 5 Jon Silhavey - Paints, 3D Printing - HERE

Clinic 6 John Feraca, MMR® - Stone Canyon Railroad - HERE

Clinic 7 Irwin Nathanson - My Miniatur Wunderland - HERE

Clinic 8 Jeffrey MacHan - Kofferbahn von Sankt-Bartholomä - HERE

    Ralph Renzetti:  AK Weathering Pencils in Action
    Jordan Kramer: Railfanning in Winter
    Gerry Hopkins
, MMR®: Engine and rolling stock maintenance
    Joseph Giunto: Simple Fading Using Acrylic Paints
    Craig Mackie: This is how we OPs

2021.01.23: Part i, Part ii
  William Neale, MMR®: Steam Era Freight Car Weathering
  Chrizandri Roth: 3D modelling for beginners with Blender
  James van Bokkelen: New England Passenger Trains
  Eduardo Becherell: Mexican Railroads

2021.01.30: Piedmont Division presents Model Railroading 101 Train 'N Camp

2021.02.27: Part 1A, Part 1C, Part 2B


  ("Where is Marty" half time show)

  Dave Ackmann: Discovering Custom Decals
  Frank Markovich: The Building of the CRSM Layout
  Kevin Marks: Track Soldering Techniques
  Gerry Hopkins, MMR: Australia Layout Tour 6

2021.04.10 and 11: NERx
  Eric Whitney, Jeff Gerow, Dave Insley    LCC discussion
  Bob Cochran    Vermont Rail System Layout Tour
  Bill Brown, MMR®    AP Program
  Dave Martini    CSX Layout Tour
  Chuck Diljak    Model Showcase Part 1
  Jeff Hanke    Modeling Vehicles
  Bill Schneider    The Old Woman in the New Basement
  Bill Brown    LARC Narrow Guage Layout Tour
  Brenna Whitney    The Future of the Hobby
  Ronald Stacy    Rondemont And West Shore Layout Tour
  Chuck Diljak    Model Showcase Part 2
  Richard Breton    Model Railroad Control / Heritage park Railroad Museum
  Justin Maguire    Lightweight modules for the ETE
  David MacLeod    Layout Tour   
  Bill Brown, MMR®, Edward O'Rourke, MMR®, Jim Gore, MMR®, Frank Koch, Tom Oxnard, MMR®, Bob Hamm, MMR®    AP Program Round Table Q&A
  Drew James    Canada, Spokane & Pacific Layout Tour
  Chuck Diljak    Model Showcase Part 3
  Sue Osberg    Coloring Wooden Walls with Chalk
  Peter Watson, MMR®    Mill City Presentation
  Jim Homoki    Creating a Timetable: For the AP Certificate and More
  Chuck Diljak    Model Showcase Part 4
  Tom Wortmann    Mohawk, Salem & Kensington Layout Tour
  Jim Murphy    Building the B&M Passenger Station, Holyoke, Mass.
  Dick Senges    Oil Creek Railroad Layout Tour
  Ed O'Connell    Building a Portable Power Cab and Decoder Programming Station

    Finding the Best Speaker for HO Scale
    Quick Interiors
    Preparing Your Coal Hauling Fleet
    Using Cloud Based Software to Develop Model Railroad Apps WITHOUT Programming
    Modeling Oregon’s dry side on the Oregon Joint Line
    You can get the Golden Spike too!
Easy, inexpensive electronics with mqTrains and MQTT
    1 year aniversary!