NMRAx Clinic links, 2020

2020.04.24 (24 hours)
    Ralph Renzetti: From Workbench to Mainline
    Kaylee Zhang: Using Cellular Speakers for DCC Sound
    Clark Kooning, MMR®: Model Railroading 101
    Joey Guinto: Weathering for Beginners
    Ron Marsh: My Home layout. A virtual layout tour
    Kevin Marks: Track building tips with Fast Tracks Tools
    Neil Erickson: Oahu Railway Wahiawa Branch & Dead Rail
    Duncan Cabassi: UPBNSF Sub Downunder N Scale
    Gerry Hopkins, MMR®: Selection of Australian Layouts
    Craig Mackie: "Cassino" HO Scale
    Martyn Jenkins: Raspberry Pi and Engine Driver
    Mike DeSensi: Ohio Valley Lines MR Club, T-Trak Subdivision
    Randy Hammil: New Britain Station
    Rob Clark: Is Model Railroading Art?
    Peter Bowen: Weathering Locos and Cars in 5 minutes
    Perry Lamb: Utah, Colorado & Western Developing a History
    Thomas Gasior, MMR®: Split Rock Mining Company, HO Layout
    Chris Adams: Modeling the Valley Local
    Michelle Kempema: Colorado Model Railroad Museum
    Tony Cook: Prototype to Model SD50/SD60's
    Seth Gardner: NYC Piney Fork Branch
    Mike Mackey, MMR®: Details make the Difference
    Walker Embry: Big Turn & Southern Railroad
    AML: AML Live Podcast, The Digital World!!!

2020.05.09 Ask the MMR

    John Gaydon: NSW Automated Signalling
    Gerry Hopkins
, MMR®: Virtual Layout Tour - Australian Narrow Gauge
    Mike Mackey
, MMR®: 3D Printing & Model Railroading
    Joey Guinto: Creating Simple Rust for Beginners
    Perry Lamb: Detailing Diesel Locomotives
    Dave Burman: Against the Grain - Modeling Prototype Agriculture
    Kevin Marks: Track Building with Fast Tracks
    Clark Kooning
, MMR®: How to build a plastic structure kit
    Andrew Porter: Virtual Layout Tour - Elk Creek Logging Company
    Tony Cook
: An overview of Revell HO
    Ralph Renzetti: Weathering Wall Signs
    Eduardo Becherell: Landscaping 101

    Mike Mackey, MMR®: Scenery with Florist Foam
    Gerry Hopkins, MMR®: More Layouts from Down Under
    Lloyd Henchey: Layout Tour, MHO Junction
    Jerry Britton: Moving the Presidents by Rail
    Dwight Sturtevant: Layout Tour, New Middletown and Stonypoint RR
    Duane Richardson, MMR®: If it ain't dirty it ain't done!
    Scott Perry: Scratch building Structures
    Randall Hammill: New Haven Steam, A Detail Study for Modelers
    Pete Steinmetz: Simple, Effective Weathering Techniques
    John Bate: A Gentle Introduction to Arduino Programming
    Jim Sacco: Easy City Streets Using Sintra (and Tips on Modeling Streets)
    Bruce Petrarca, MMR®: The ABC's of DCC

    Arthur Hayes, MMR®: Building an 8-wheel wagon (Freight Car)
    Gerry Hopkins, MMR®: Something from Down Under!
    David McLaughlin: Scratchbuilding Western Maryland Railway Structures
    Michael Groves: Lighting your layout without Wiring
    Dave Abeles: Onondaga Cutoff, Remote Operating Sessions
    Randall Hammill: New Britain Station, Designing Operations
    Mike Deverell: Drawing for Lasercutting 101
    Jim Gore, MMR®: Building Grandpa's Service Station
    Frank Markovich, MMR®: Detailing wood for structures and rolling stock
    John Bate: Creating Your Own 3D Designs with SketchUp
    Mike Mackey, MMR®: 3D Printing & Model Railroading
    Neil Erickson: Exploring Dead Rail, Battery Powered Trains

2020.06.20 Ask the MMR


2020.07.12 GatewayX
    Day 1, Sunday
        Michael Hill: The very first introduction to Arduino
        Don Fowler: Woodland Scenics Realistic Water
        Jonathan Small: N-scale Trees: Modeling Trees from Astilbe Flowers
        Edward Koehler: That town at the end of the line - Coal Patch Communities
        Eduardo Becherell: Ballasting 101
        Carl Blum: PVC Terminal Strips for Model Railroads
        Dan Munson: Model railroad photography
        Lloyd Henchey, Perry Lamb, Neil Erickson, Mike Mackey MMR®: Panel Discussion: Building Your First Model Railroad
        Ralph Renzetti: Weathering, we don't know what yet. It is a surprise
        Perry Lamb: Realistic base level scenery for your model railroad
        John Lowranch, MMR®: San Antonio and Northen Railroad
        Greg McComas: Touring the Michigan Interstate St. Clair Subdivision
        Ed McNamara: Portland and Western, Free-Mo-N

    Day 2, Monday
        Kevin Marks: Track building with Fast Tracks
        Peter Bowen: Scratch Building in Wood
        David Hager: Drawing-3D in SketchUp
        Bob Feuerstein: Getting a Pro Look with a Simple Camera
        Jim Sacco: Modernization of Main St. and How It Affects Our Modeling
        Mike Corley: Building Rooftop details
        Bob Feuerstein: Photo Editing Programs and Efficient Workflow
        Mike Ross: Tree building for Model Railroads
        Mike Walter: Resistance Soldering
        Joey Guinto, Andrew Porter, Clark Kooning MMR®    Panel Discussion: Skills and Techniques for Kit Building
        Lloyd Henchey: Building Interiors
        Jack Ellis: Bar Mills Model Works: The Last Two Inches of The Layout
        Barry Silverthorn: Roomettes
        Jeff Palmer, MMR®: Roads
        Duane Richardson, MMR®: What it takes to make a model great

    Day 3, Tuesday
        Tim O.: Lake Michigan Carferry Operations at Kewaunee, WI
        Randall Hammil, Andrew Porter, Mike Mackey MMR®: Panel Discussion - Modelling Freight Cars & Locomotives
        Arthur Hayes, MMR®: Conveying goods & freight on your layout
        Dave Burman: Covered hoppers, Against the Grain
        Tony Cook: Greenville, Pullman-Standard, and Thrall 86-foot High-Cube Boxcars
        Matt Lentz: Rebuild Athearn Blue Box Locomotives
        Paul Hobbs: Streamlined Passenger Trains serving St. Louis

    Day 4
        Dave Burman: Against the grain. Modeling prototypical agriculture, part 3
        Jerry Hoverson, MMR®: Planning your Layout (before you install benchwork)
        Andy Ambroze: From 12x20 to 20x16x3!
        Gordy Robinson: Layout Design from track charts and maps
        Randall Hammill, Dave Burman, Dan Munson, Ed Smith: Panel Discussion – Layout Design
        John Feraca, MMR®: Building the Beaver Creek Branchline
        Bruce Wilson: Culm Valley Light Railway
        Edward Koehler: Introduction to modelling firefighting
        Dave Burman: Designing from the Prototype - Making it Real
        Joe Fugate: TOMA, The "One module approach"

    Day 5
        Dan Spalding: Painting & Weathering
        Otto Vondrak: History of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine
        Drake Hokanson: "That looks right", How better scenery graphics and improved railroad graphics can enhance realism in your model railroad.
        Ralph Renzetti & Dan Spalding: Panel discusion, Painting & Weathering
        Art Fahie: Bar Mills Model Works
        Matt Lentz: Contrast Paint vs. Brass Locomotive
        Bernard Hellen: How to paint 3D resin prints. Make your layout come alive!
        Jeff Kuebler: Track Weathering - 1,2,3

    Day 6
        Jim Kline: Preparing to Program an Arduino
        Jim Lewis: Super Simple Lighting:  LED and Fiber Optics Animation without soldering
        Tim O.: Scratch building a RR Car, Cricut Cutting Styrene
        Tim O.: Scratch building a RR Car, Simple 3d Printed Parts
        Bill Sartore: Microlumina: Lighting kits
        Dave Ackmann: Amazing Arduino Animations for Beginners
        Dave Ackmann: Building Billboards for the Baden, Vogt & DeSmet
        Speed, Michael P., Bruce P., Nathan H.: Panel Discussion – Technology & Electronics
        Pat McCarthy: Lights and interiors
        Michael Groves: Designing Prototypical Lighting for Realism
        Jim Kline: Introduction to NeoPixels
        Bruce Petrarca: DCC Consisting
        Pete Steinmetz: Battery Power Remote Control - Dead Rail. An Overview of Various Systems and Options

    Day 7
        Carlton Brown: RFID/NFC and JMRI
        Kevin Marks: Magic with rail
        Ron Poidomani: Introduction to Building Craftsman Kits
        Tony Cook: Ski Train
        Chris Adams: Operating the Valley Local
        Greg McComas: OPs on the Michigan Interstate St. Clair Subdivision
        Richard Sieben: Operations by Spreadsheet
        Joe Fugate: Runs like a dream
        Dan Munson: Yardmaster 101
        Dave Burman: A river runs through it - barge operations and your railroad
        Tony Cook & Craig Ross: Virtual Banquet – "The Business of N Scale with Craig Ross of Bluford Shops"
        Eric Smith: Getting Started with Operations, for the novice   
        Arthur Hayes, MMR®: Prototype Ops on a Small Layout

2020.07.25 SERx
    Room 1
        David McLaughlin: Scratchbuilding Western Maryland Railway structures and more
        Jonathan Small: Trees for your Layout
        Randy Hammil: Operations Jobs performed by the Railroad
        James Knabb: The Next Generation Model Railroaders
        Michael Hill: How to build an Ardunio based control panel.
        Gordy Robinson: From Track Charts to Track Pla

    Room 2
        Steve Todd: JMRI Operations with no paper
        Stephen Sprinkle: Quick assembly of an HO scale layout designed for operations
        Perry Lamb: Military flat car loads
        Carl Blum: PVC terminal strips for insulation displacment screws
        Tom Gordon: Arduinos & Raspberry Pi's - Oh my!
        Chuck Jenkins: Trees as supporting actors
        Walt Liles: Modeling a Walthers structure to look real
        Craig Laing: Prince, WV: Modeling a real place using an N scale T-TRAK module

    Room 3
        Peter Bowen: Scratch Building in Wood
        Nick Santo: Basic DCC Decoder Installation Thoughts
        Mike Mackey, MMR®: Foam Scenery
        Scott Griggs: The end of the line - Selling your trains
        David Popp: Overview of the Canadian Canyons N Scale Layout
        George Bogatuik: Overview of Tsunami steam decoders - Soundtrax
        Jon Tamkin: Mission model paints
        Pete Steinmetz: Weathering with AK Pencils
        George Bogatuik: Overview of Tsunami diesel decoders - Soundtrax

2020.09.12 Ask the MMR

2020.09.26 Part i, Part ii

    Chuck Lind, MMR®: Crowell Long Leaf Lumber Company, Inc.
    Dave Ackmann: I Just Bought a 3D Printer – Now What Can I Do With It?
    Eduardo Becherell: Water & Lakes
    Bernhard Beck and Dave Falkenburg: Silicon Valley Lines Model Railroad Club
    Richard Sieben: Car floats on Chicago River
    David McMorran: MQTT in the model train world (mqTrains.com)
    Joey Guinto: Carving Rocks from Foam Part 2: Adding Color and Foliage
    Gerry Hopkins, MMR®: Scenery Clinic for Beginners

2020.10.23 NMRA BR

2020.10.24 NMRA BR

2020.11.21 Part i, Part ii
    David Ramos: DCC++
    Andy Crawford: Sage Brush Trees
    John Doehring: Confessions of a (Reforming) Armchair Railroader (Seven Secrets to Getting Started, getting Going, and Enjoying Model Railroading More)
    Ron Poidomani: Modeling The Manufactures Railroad New Haven CT 1948

    Lloyd Henchy: 3 scratchbuild buildings on the MHO Junction
    David Hager: Port Railroads: Galveston Island
    Tim O.: Using JMRI for Auto Train Running and Dispatching
    Jeff Rykiel: Lumberjack: the old, the new and the ugly?
    Michael Barrett: Arduino Uncoupling
    Craig Mackie: Making Pallets
    Pete Steinmetz: Dead Rail
    Laurie McLean: Animation


2020.12.01, Day 1

Clinic 1 Jeff Gerow - Foreground Trees with Leaves - HERE

Clinic 2 Dave MacPherson - Clinch Mountain Railroad - HERE

Clinic 3 Lou McIntyre - Bringing the Railroad to Life Using Layers - HERE

Clinic 4 Kaylee Zheng - Achievement Program and Contests - HERE

Clinic 5 Andy Reynolds - Building Bar Mills Magee's Tire Repair Shop - HERE

Clinic 6 Ned Spiller - Danby Ludlow & Springfield RR - HERE

Clinic 7 Steve Perry - Modeling An Operating Pre- W.W.II R.R. Grade Crossing Signal - HERE

Clinic 8 Ed Olszewski - Western Adirondack Model Railroaders - HERE

2020.12.02, Day 2

Clinic 1 Doug Dederick - Basic Scenery Tips - HERE

Clinic 2 Herm Botzow - Buckeye RR - HERE

Clinic 3 Steve Erickson - Coal Cod & Cash - HERE

Clinic 4 Kaylee Zheng - Achievement Program and Contests - HERE

Clinic 5 Jim Fairbanks - Using Paper to Build that Model for your Railroad - HERE

Clinic 6 Gordon Spalty - Maine and Western Railroad - HERE

Clinic 7 Bruce Robinson - Let’s learn to operate local train POFR for the beginner –(Part 1) HERE (Part 2) HERE

Clinic 8 Mike Dolan - South Shore Model Railway Club - HERE

2020.12.03, Day 3

Clinic 1 Chuck Diljak - My Big Fat Clinic. Or, How to Weigh Cars Like the Prototype - HERE

Clinic 2 Mike Tylick - Rails Across Marshfield - HERE

Clinic 3 Edward Koehler - The Welsh Highland Railway - HERE

Clinic 4 Kaylee Zheng - Achievement Program and Contests - HERE

Clinic 5 John Doehring - Take Two! Module Building Lessons Learned - and Some New Ideas for the Second Time Around - HERE

Clinic 6 Victor Hand - New York Central - Harmon to Cold Spring - HERE

Clinic 7 Jeff Faust - Just Build an Inglenook - HERE

Clinic 8 Doug Dederick - Great Northern Railway, Kalispell Div. - HERE

2020.12.04, Day 4

Clinic 1 John Feraca, MMR® - Building Stone City Heights - HERE

Clinic 2 Bob Peterson - Binghamton Society of Model Engineers - HERE

Clinic 3 James Kline - Introduction to NeoPixels - HERE

Clinic 4 Kaylee Zheng - Achievement Program and Contests - HERE

Clinic 5 Jon Silhavey - Paints, 3D Printing - HERE

Clinic 6 John Feraca, MMR® - Stone Canyon Railroad - HERE

Clinic 7 Irwin Nathanson - My Miniatur Wunderland - HERE

Clinic 8 Jeffrey MacHan - Kofferbahn von Sankt-Bartholomä - HERE

    Richard Sieben: Central manufacturing district in Chicago
    Ralph Renzetti:  AK Weathering Pencils in Action
    Jordan Kramer: Railfanning in Winter
    Gerry Hopkins
, MMR®, MMR: Engine and rolling stock maintenance
    Joseph Giunto: Simple Fading Using Acrylic Paints
    Craig Mackie: This is how we OPs

  William Neale, MMR®    -    Steam Era Freight Car Weathering
  Chrizandri Roth    -    3D modelling for beginners with Blender
  James van Bokkelen    -    New England Passenger Trains
  Eduardo Becherell    -    Mexican Railroads
  Robert J. Thomas    -    Introduction to JMRI Operations for a Small Layout
  Jeff Rykiel    -    Modules: Risers and corners
  Pat Gagel    -    History Canberra Rail
  Gerry Hopkins, MMR®    -    Australian Layout Tour #5